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Agalactia (lack of milk) is the impossibility of milk secretion at the required time (after giving birth), during breastfeeding. Normally, production of milk starts shortly before the female gives birth and continues after the birth, with milk secretion stimulated by the suckling of the litter. For offspring, lack of milk is a major problem.  For

Achilles Tendon Tear

The tendons are built of very strong connective tissue, composed mostly of thickly stranded strings of collagen fiber. Tendons make the connection between muscles and bones.  The Achilles tendon is formed by a set of five tendons. These are the gastrocnemius tendon, superficial digital flexor, and three minor tendons. The role of the Achilles tendon

When you bring your pet to Hiawassee Animal Hospital, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of a staff that is capable and compassionate. Our doctors emphasize preventive care and client education. We take the time to listen and answer your questions to address all of your pet’s needs. We treat your pet like part of our family.

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